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"Das Jüdisches Echo- Flucht und Vertreibung"


Contribution about Soshana in the 71. edition of the "Jüdischen Echos". 

Soshana- work directory


Work directory of Soshanas paintings on canvas from 1942 to 2010.

Publisher: Amos Schueller, März 2023

Exhibition Catalogue for the exhibition "Ways of Freedom" at the Albertina Modern

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The exhibition catalog for the exhibition "Ways of Freedom- von Jackson Pollock bis Maria Lassnig" at the Albertina Modern is published in november 2022, edited by Klaus Albrecht Schröder and Angela Stief. Photos of exhibited works from Soshana and texts are on pages: 185/185, 217 und 265.

Ö1 Radio Contribution

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"Ein Leben fürs Reisen und Malen- die Künstlerin Soshana" 
06.11.2022 on Ö1 (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)

Composition: Doris Appel


Paulus Manker- "Das große Alma Mahler Album"

"Das große Alma Mahler Album" by Paulus Manker was published 2022. Pictures and illustrations of Franz Werfel, Alma Mahler's third husband are on page 287: "Franz Werfel auf dem Totenbett" (painting by Soshana, 1945).

werfel 2werfel 1

Documentary film "Überall alleine- The painter Soshana"


TV- Documentation about the painter Soshana from Werner Müller, Ulrike Halmschlager and Amos Schueller. (Recording 3sat: 11.12.2016)

English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGP17NbE_kI

German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1aYul9swo4&ab_channel=moriundmori-KunstundK%C3%BCnstler

Exhibition "Die Gesichter von Soshana und Giacometti."

Giacometti bild

German: Die Gesichter von Soshana und Giacometti
Italian: I volti di Soshana e Giacometti 

Curator: Virginia Marano
Exhibition: Amici del Centro Giacometti, Stampa

 "Innovation & Tradition"- The 9th International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts


Exhibition in June 2019 at the Shanghai Art Collection Museum,
in collaboration with the Shanghai Art&Design Academy

contribution about Soshana on the pages 196/197

Soshana. The Diaries.

The book "Soshana, The Diaries." is a collection of travelogues, personal anecdotes and philosophical thoughts, the originals are kept in the Austrian National Library. The work is rounded off by printed facsimiles, paintings, drawings and photos dealing as well with historical as sociopolitical details.

Published by Amos Schueller and Karoline Riebler.
Publishing house: DeGruyter, 2017
Languages: German, English

Soshana Tagebücher Cover Portrait

Here you can download the PDF.

 You're not untalented Picasso! Encounters with Soshana

Hannelore Fischer (eds.)
Publishing house Hernals Vienna 2017, 70 pages, ISBN 978-3-902975-49-2

The painter Soshana was associated with many great artists and personalities of her time. Inspired by the history of Soshanah, Hannelore Fischer tells of the artist's childhood, flight, and work. In individual scenes Hannelore Fischer captures moments from Soshanas life.

More information about the book: www.verlagshaus-hernals.at/books/sie-sind-auch-nicht-unbegabt-picasso

SOSHANA. World collector

RESSLER: "SOSHANA. Weltensammlerin" * 304 Seiten * € 21,90 * lieferbar

Series: "An artist's novel", Otto Hans Ressler (eds.)
304 pages, size 19,5 x 12,5 cm, Publisher Edition Va Bene Verlag, 2016,
ISBN 978-3-85167-302-9, € 21.90

More information about the book: www.vabene.at/collect/kueroman/302-9.htm

Internationale Kunst Heute 2014(International Art Today 2014)


International artists present their works in Artbook-Serie: "Internationale Kunst Heute"
The artist Soshana on page 310/ 311: http://s534027769.online.de/#/312/

Publishers: Martina Kolle, Ingrid Gardill

Find more informations about the book here: http://www.internationalekunstheute.com/

 "Soshana: I am ok."- Blog


written by hand und curated by Hoa Luo
published by Amos Schueller and Hoa Luo
paintings by und Soshana

 art austria magazin

The fair for austrian art
03.-06. april 2014

MuseumsQuartier Wien, Leopold Museum

"Das weite Spektrum der Abstraktion": text about Soshana at the über Galerie Szaal on p. 92/93
text from Marianne Hussl-Hörmann

Nacht über Österreich. Der Anschluss 1938 – Flucht und Vertreibung


(Night over Austria. The annexation 1938 - Flight and Expulsion)

Publication on the occasion of an exhibition with the same title at the State Hall of the Austrian National Library, 7.3. - 28.4.2013

Editor: Fetz/Fingernagel/Leibnitz/Petschar/Pfunder, Residenz 2013

The artist Soshana "A broken childhood" at page 51-58

"Diktatorpuppe zerstört, Schaden gering"- Kunst und Geschichtspolitik im Postnazismus

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Dictator doll destroyed, damage low. Arts and Political History in the Postnazi Era
Ed. by Lisa Bolyos und Katharina Morawek

A book about artists, scientists and activists in search of cultural strategies to disturb Postnazism.
On page 50/51: A text about Soshana
Further contribuions by Felix Axster, Geoff Berner, Dorothea Buck, Faites votre jeu!, Heide Fehrenbach, Nikolaus Habjan, Grace Marta Latigo, Suzana Milevska, Marika Schmiedt, Karin Schneider/Tal Adler, Alfred Ullrich and more...

Mandelbaum Publishing House 2012
368 Pages, Euro 19,90 (A)
ISBN: 978-3-85476-391-8

„Soshana. Das Malerische Oevre der 1950er und 1960er Jahre im Licht der internationalen Avantgarde"

Diploma Thesis 2011
Author: Birgit Prunner
University Vienna - History of Art

To see the photos of the alumni celebration, click HERE

 "Austrian Art- Dialogues and Images"


The Collection of the Österreichische Nationalbank

Authors: Dr. Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Elisabeth Olivares Diaz, Mag. Brigitte Neider-Olufs
Published by: Brandstätter, 2010

Soshana on pages 364-371

„Soshana. Leben und Werk"

The first comprehensive monograph on Soshanas life and work, edited by Amos Schueller and Angelica Bäumer.
Publishing house: Springer WienNewYork, 2010
Languages: German, English

For further information please click on the cover:

Download the PDF here

 PARNASS- Künstlermagazin

"Glas und Porzellan" Edition 4/2009, November/December 
"Soshana- Malerei als kosmopolitisches Projekt" contribution about Soshana from Matthias Boeckl



Editors: Amos Schueller & Martina Gabriel, 2006
An Overview of Soshana's Works.
With texts by Peter Baum, Max Bollag, Walter Koschatzky and many more.
Languages: German, English, French

I. Soshana
II. Early Works
III. 1952 Paris – Mecca of Art
IV. Since 1956 extensive journeys to Asia and also to the Far East, South America and Africa
V. 1959 back in Paris – contact with the Cobra group
VI. 1974 New York – the New Metropolis of Art
VII. 1985 Vienna
VIII. Wars and coming to terms with the past
IX. No stagnancy

 Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz- Paris 1945-1965


"Paris- Metropole der Kunst. Jahrzente des Aufbruchs. Malerei- Plastik- Grafik- Fotografie"

Exhibition Linz, 11.12.2003-28.03.2004
Exhibition and Catalogue: Peter Baum
Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz

Soshana auf den Seiten 15, 128, 129

„Soshana. Paintings and Drawings 1945 - 1997"


Exhibition catalog of the Retrospective 1997, Palais Pallfy, Vienna
Edited by Amos Schueller
Languages: German, English



Comprehensive illustrated book.
With texts of Jean Cassou, Michel Georges-Michel, Waldemar George, Pierre Restany.
Published by United Artists Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel, 1973
Languages: English, French

„Paintings on cotton or linen. Absorbent canvas. Soshana"

Published by Pergamon Press, 1971, Oxford/ New York
Reprinted from Leonardo, Vol. 4, pp 271-271
Language: English